Mohr, Hackett, Pederson, Blakley & Randolph, P.C.

Mohr Hackett had been living with their existing site for a couple of years, making changes here and there when they could manage it. But as the reputation and work of their company had grown and evolved, the site just hadn’t kept up and the age had snuck up on them.

They asked mammothmedia to help get them back in line. Working with their team, we developed a completely new architecture and design for the site that targeted there audiences while showcasing aspects of Mohr Hackett’s work in key markets. Our new creative direction for the site established a stylish online presence that put the focus where it belongs: on Mohr Hackett’s award-winning work.

All of the content on the site is connected to a Content Management System (CMS), making it a snap for Mohr Hackett to handle updates and additions in-house as they continue to grow and expand their company into new practice areas.

Mohr Hackett’s website design now reflects the quality and professionalism they are known for.