Skybus Airlines

Skybus is an airline unlike any other - created from scratch by industry movers and shakers who are committed to changing the way you think about air travel.

The airline veterans who started the Skybus revolution mastered the art and science of controlling costs at respected low-fare carriers like Southwest and Ryanair, Europe’s most successful airline. We know what drives up the price of airfare and what it takes to offer everyday low fares and nonstop flights.

Mammothmedia worked with Skybus Airlines, and MarketFace a usability company to create flexible site templates utilizing lean markup and CSS for it’s presentation and layout that borrowed the rounded feel of the logo, while at the same time accommodating varying amounts of content and data for travelers.

The goal of designing an environment that’s clear, easy to use, immediately understandable, and fun. Mammothmedia began with markup & style wireframes, a new template structure was designed to focus on the interface with attention to typography. A simple grid vastly improved the readability of the site while enabling fast implementation of over 75 templates variations.